ACPA Endorses Federal Highway Administration Nominee

Mon January 28, 2019 - National Edition
American Concrete Pavement Association

The Hon. Nicole Nason, nominee for FHWA Administrator. (US State Dept. photo)
The Hon. Nicole Nason, nominee for FHWA Administrator. (US State Dept. photo)

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) supports the nomination of Nicole R. Nason as the next administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Nason is the former National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator (NHTSA); previously served on the board of directors of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD); and has vast experience with both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal government.

"ACPA has long advocated, for safe, efficient highways, and in that spirit, we support the nomination of Nicole Nason as the next FHWA Administrator," said ACPA President and CEO Gerald F. Voigt. "Ms. Nason's experience and accomplishments make her well-suited to lead the FHWA in its mission to reduce traffic fatalities on U.S. highways. Her experience also will prove valuable to the FHWA as it continues to usher in new technologies, including autonomous vehicles and other innovations that can improve the safety, functionality and efficiency of the nation's highways.

"In addition to service and accomplishments at NHTSA, the depth and breadth of Ms. Nason's service in leadership roles in the Federal government also will prove to be valuable for the FHWA, state transportation agencies, and the traveling public," Voigt said.

"We look forward to a rapid confirmation and welcome the opportunity to work with Ms. Nason as the 26th FHWA Administrator," he added.

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