Advantage Dealer Insurance Announces Bi-Weekly Payment Service

Fri June 05, 2009 - National Edition

Advantage Dealer Insurance (ADI), in association with National Payment Network (NPN), is now offering a bi-weekly payment service, for the first time ever, to heavy equipment customers, dealers and lenders.

Since 2003, ADI has been creating business and insurance solutions for the equipment industry. The company recently explored ways to develop a payment-option plan that could be made available to the heavy equipment industry and that would be similar to those often found only in the mortgage and auto industries.

“Especially in this tough economic environment, it makes good sense to help customers better-manage their money through managing how they make payments on their heavy equipment loans and leases,” stated Linda Turner, managing partner of ADI. “We wanted a partner who had the reputation for solid, ethical services, yet also had the ability to offer the options needed by equipment buyers, such as skip-payments.”

NPN’s founder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jason Typrin added, “NPN is excited to partner with ADI in bringing a hugely valuable service to the heavy equipment industry.”

ADI, the creator of the new, extended warranty structure for manufacturers and dealers, seeks out business solutions compatible with the finance and insurance operations of manufacturers and their dealers.

“Services such as Service Contract Administration, Loss Damage Waiver and Menu Selling Training and Software, are a few examples of the type of marketing and management tools ADI believes are a tremendous value,” stated Jerry Tracey, managing partner of ADI and dealer principle of Tracey Road Equipment.

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