AED Welcomes 113th Congress

Fri January 11, 2013 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) welcomed new and returning lawmakers to the 113th Congress, promising assistance in developing long-term solutions to America’s crumbling infrastructure to the nation’s tax and fiscal situations.

“On behalf of its members, AED is ready to serve as a resource and assist in solving our national infrastructure crisis, putting more Americans back to work, and placing the nation on the road to economic success,” said AED President and CEO Toby Mack.

Over the next two years, AED will work with lawmakers on implementing a variety of measures to rebuild the country’s fiscal house, invest in our nation’s deteriorating transportation and water networks, and encourage economic growth, including:

• Charting a fiscally responsible course for federal infrastructure investment by exploring new and innovative federal financing options to ensure the long-term viability of the Highway Trust Fund

• Restoring certainty to the tax code addressing the nation’s debt crisis through a combination of spending cuts, entitlement reforms, tax code changes, and revenue enhancements

• Opposing tax proposals that would disproportionately affect equipment distributors and undermine broader economic growth, including repealing LIFO, reducing business interest deductions, and artificially extending construction equipment cost recovery periods

• Expanding North American energy production through continued investment in domestic sources and preventing unnecessary regulation that discourages development

• Maintaining nationwide access to clean water through adequately funded water infrastructure programs and innovative financing mechanisms

• Protecting equipment distributors from harmful and unnecessary regulations that drive up the costs of doing business

“The 113th Congress has a lot on its plate,” said AED Vice President of Government Affairs Christian Klein. “We look forward to working with the new members, as well as with long-time allies, to solve the nation’s infrastructure, tax, and revenue challenges and move past the partisan gridlock of recent years.”