Agency Plans to Record Construction of Calif. Bridge

Sat July 07, 2007 - West Edition

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) The day-to-day work that goes into building the Bay Bridge’s new eastern span and tower will be immortalized in documentary footage, transportation officials said.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has put out a request to hire a videographer to record the details of the massive construction project and is prepared to spend up to $500,000 per year on the job, said Randy Rentschler, an agency spokesman. The agency will accept bids until June 21.

The initial contract will be for two years, with the possibility of being extended for another five years. It will probably include international travel, as pieces of the bridge are being constructed as far away as China, Korea and Japan. The final cost will be determined by who wins the bid, Rentschler said.

“This will be the largest bridge in the world of its type by far,” he said. “This will be a statement and a monument for all time, and should be treated in that light.”

The commission does not plan to edit the images or create a documentary film. The purpose is simply to record the bridge’s construction and retain footage that can be used in the future by students, engineers, documentarians or anyone interested in the project’s history, Rentschler said.

Once the project is completed, the footage will be made public, Rentschler said.