Air Compressor Delivers 60 Cu. Ft. Per Minute

Thu February 14, 2008 - National Edition

Doosan Infracore Portable Power’s new hydraulic-drive, truck-mounted air compressor module is a rotary-screw air compressor unit that delivers free air up to 60 cu. ft. (1.7 cu m) per minute at a rated operating pressure of 150 psi. The HP60 CMH air compressor is designed to be mounted on trucks with standard-sized utility bodies, and is perfect for operating light air tools, large impact wrenches and mid-size pneumatic tools such as breakers and chippers.

This truck-mounted air compressor module offers versatility for utility or service trucks that have hydraulic flow available. Powered by the hydraulic system on the truck, the HP60CMH requires only 18.1 gal. (68.5 L) per minute of hydraulic flow at 2,295 psi hydraulic pressure to maintain full load. The air compressor is designed for 100 percent continuous-duty operation.

Maintenance is made easy with conveniently located service panels to let operators reach the most important components of the system. A remote compressor oil drain, a no-spill, spin-on separator element and an easily accessible oil filter simplify changing the compressor oil.

An air/oil separation system has been integrally designed into the HP60CMH. This feature eliminates the need for an air/oil separator tank, making the unit smaller and lighter than other comparable products, according to the manufacturer.

The HP60CMH has a built-in hydraulic oil cooler, eliminating the need for an additional, expensive auxiliary cooler. There is a hydraulic pressure relief valve incorporated into the unit to prevent system damage should a spike in hydraulic pressure occur.

The hydraulic motor is equipped with an electronic solenoid valve, allowing the unit to be disengaged while the hydraulic system is still operating. Other equipment can be operated off the same hydraulic circuit without running the compressor.

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