AirSource Compressors Combine Old, New Technology

Sat November 22, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Ingersoll Rand AirSource and AirSource Plus portable rotary-screw compressors combine features of the previous generation of compressors with new technology.

The Ingersoll Rand AirSource compressor, 160 cu. ft. (4.5 cu m) per minute at 100 psi (6.9 bar), runs off a high-performance 49-hp (36.5 kW) Ingersoll Rand diesel engine with an eight-hour runtime. The AirSource weighs 1,850 lbs. (840 kg) and allows for two-tool use, for extra value in a 160-cu.-ft. (4.5 cu m) per minute compressor size.

The Ingersoll Rand AirSource Plus, 185 cu. ft. (5.2 cu m) per minute at 100 psi (6.9 bar), is for higher-demand applications and is available with either a 62.4-hp (46.5 kW) Ingersoll Rand diesel engine or a 65-hp (48.5 kW) John Deere diesel engine. The AirSource and AirSource Plus come in a compact size, with overall widths of 67 in. (1.7 m) and overall heights of 59 in. (1.5 m).

Both the AirSource and the AirSource Plus feature a new modular design canopy. The lockable, lightweight and aerodynamic canopy is made of virtually indestructible composite material. In addition, the compressors’ compact frames and tow bars go through a three-step paint process for excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion. These two features combined with the composite fenders and rear bumpers provide the best corrosion resistance in the industry.

The AirSource and AirSource Plus were engineered with a cool-box design that enables cool air to enter the rear of the compressor and wash over internal components, keeping internal temperatures low and prolonging component life. The unit comes standard with a remote separator element, which is a spin-on design that eliminates the need to enter the separator tank and prevents spillage during oil changes.

Both compressors have a 90-degree access canopy that locks at 45 degrees for tool storage and everyday maintenance, or opens to 90 degrees for complete access. This feature makes all potential service points easily accessible without removing the canopy.

Compressors powered by Ingersoll Rand engines require routine maintenance every 500 hours, while AirSource Plus compressors powered by John Deere engines require maintenance every 250 hours.

For safety, the new compressors feature curbside controls and service valves, which keep operators away from traffic while starting the machine and hooking up tools. The valves are located near the toolbox for quick hookup and the operators are able to execute a one-handed startup even while wearing work gloves. The control panel is accessible and operational with the canopy open or closed.

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