Alabama Licensing Board Takes on New Attitude

Wed June 23, 2004 - Southeast Edition
Bill Caton

The State of Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors has a new executive secretary, a new board and a new attitude.

Joe Rogers, licensing board executive secretary, speaking to a group of contractors, said the board’s switchboard is now open 7:30 am to noon and 12:30 to 5 pm Monday through Friday, allowing contractors to easily get information. Rogers also said the new board meets more often than in the past to help facilitate licensing business.

“We are required to have a quarterly meeting,” he noted, “but last year we met almost every month and this year is close to that. We want to have more time for people to come and talk and address the board.”

He said the new board also is implementing staggered license renewal dates.

“In the past, your license would expire at the end of the year and it would be June or July before you got the license,” Rogers said. “Now if your license expires in March, you’ll have your new license on April 1.”

He said that as of 2003, contractors applying for a new license are required to pass a test. A California company administers the test, and nearly 96 percent of the 320 that have taken it have passed.

An application for a new license must be in the licensing board office 30 days before the meeting, he said. The board will meet every month this year except June, August and December.

The licensing board also has hired a third investigator, allowing the board to better cover the entire state.

“We are going to make sure the law is obeyed,” Rogers said. “We are going to help subs get licensed and we have stopped the practice of adding the cost of materials to a sub’s job. We are also consolidating and re-defining license categories.”

The executive secretary said a percentage of licensing fees goes to Alabama post-secondary construction-related programs.

“Last year we divided about a half a million dollars,” he said. “This year it should be nearly $700,000.”

The licensing board also has upgraded its Web site ( and contractors can find up-to-date information on licensed companies, deadlines for going before the board and licensing forms.

For more information, call 334/272-5030.

State of Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors

• Wayne Gordon, chairman, Robins & Morton.

• Roy Tatum, vice chairman, Halstead Contractors.

• Keith Andrews, secretary-treasurer, RaCON.

• Chip Grizzle, member, Brasfield & Gorrie.

• Alex Whaley Sr., member, Whaley Construction.