Alex Lyon & Son Kicks Off Successful 2014 Florida Auctions

Fri February 21, 2014 - National Edition

Mike Goffinet (L) of Goffinet Equipment Co., Joliet, Ill., talks shop with John Mashak of Mashak Brothers Construction prior to the start of day six of the sale.
Mike Goffinet (L) of Goffinet Equipment Co., Joliet, Ill., talks shop with John Mashak of Mashak Brothers Construction prior to the start of day six of the sale.
Mike Goffinet (L) of Goffinet Equipment Co., Joliet, Ill., talks shop with John Mashak of Mashak Brothers Construction prior to the start of day six of the sale. Rod Joiner of Rod Joiner Construction Co. Inc., Plano, Iowa, traverses the auction yard via a golf cart to look over all the iron at the nine-day auction. Terry North (L), used equipment manager, Patten CAT, with Alex Lyon & Son’s Midwest Sales Manager, Chad Ketelsen. Construction Equipment Guide President and Northeast Publisher Ted McKeon (L) presents Jack Lyon with the CEG Florida Auction issue at the start of the Alex Lyon & Son annual nine-day sale. All smiles and ready to get another day of auctioning started (L-R) are Robert and Jason Mashburn, Mashburn Equipment Sales, Ringgold, Ga.; Dick Tabb, Tabb Equipment Sales, Roswell, Ga.; and Robbie Udelson, PowerTrac Machinery, Miami, Fla. Jack Lyon scans the crowd for just one last bid before selling off another wheel loader. John Alexander (L) of Alban CAT, Baltimore, Md., and Mark Enck of PowerTrac Machinery, Miami, Fla., stop to chat with the guys at Construction Equipment Guide. Discussing some of the cranes in the sale lineup (L-R) are Angel Gonzalez, Construction Equipment Services Inc., Miami, Fla.; Carlos Teran, Teran Industries, Miami, Fla., and “Bargain Bob” Grivetti of GreatLakes Equipment, Oglesby, Ill. David Seals (L) of Foothills Tractor & Equipment, Centre, Ala., and his father, Billy Seals of Thompson Tractor, Birmingham, Ala., look over some of the Caterpillar iron about to go on the auction block. For many years, Lee Mashburn (L) and Jerry Hawthorne of Mashburn Equipment, Ringgold, Ga., have been regular buyers at the Florida Auctions. With a tremendous exhibit of machines at the auction site, Marooka’s Ken Byrd (L) kept extremely busy promoting the products to prospects, including Denny Wiggins (C) and Shane Marquis of Alabama Truck Equipment, Tuscaloosa, Ala. A combination of a terrific looking display with some great products to promote led to a successful auction for “Bobby T” Tedesco (L) of Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers, Randolph, Mass., and Ron Corbut of Hudco Manufacturing, Willoughby, Ohio. On any of the nine days of the Alex Lyon sale, it was virtually elbow-room only as tremendous crowds turned out daily to bid on machines. Putting a bit of air under a John Deere 410J backhoe while testing the hydraulic system is Allen Stahl, retired equipment dealer, who still “dabbles” in buying and selling machines. He is based in Englewood, Fla. With intermittent rains, a little forethought for these guys kept them dry as they backed their four-wheeler into one of the 20-ft. shipping containers with Jim Dubay (co-pilot) and driver Vaughn Thibodeau and some folks in the back row seats from TB Equi Morooka rubber-track carriers were on full display in the vendor area at the Alex Lyon & Son 21st Annual Florida Auction in Kissimmee, Fla. Matt Evans of Mountaineer Infrastructure looks over some of the Caterpillar backhoes. More than 245 hydraulic excavators from all manufacturers were auctioned off. Dozers by the dozens, more than 150 in all, were lined up and auctioned off on day seven of the nine-day sale. Hundreds of telehandlers went on the auction block. All types of construction equipment — aerials, dozers, trailers, you name it — sold during the Alex Lyon & Son auction in Kissimmee. (L-R): Becky Nitke, Nitke Sales; Dan Maki, Lakeshore Equipment & Truck; Leo Krivickas, Nitke Sales; and Skeeter Wykoski, Three Lakes Truck & Equipment, enjoy the nice Florida weather. Dean Adsit (third from left), Nortrax Used Equipment Sales, catches up (L-R) with the guys from Mexico and Peru, Gaberiel Vacquez of Importadora de Maquinaria, and Lino Leon and Omar Alarcon of Gary Carlson of Gary Carlson Equipment came down from Minnesota to see if he could find a few deals (and to escape sub-zero temperatures). Paul Twigg (L), Ring Power Corporation, and Mike Pearl, Equipment Mart of New York and FlangeLock LLC are ready to track the auction. Bill Rollinger Jr. checks his notes before the bidding starts on the loader backhoes. Danny Whitener of Whitener Hydro Seed & Landscaping has the essentials for the auction … his cell phone and a bottle of water.

Alex Lyon & Son again kicked off the Florida Auctions with a nine-day sale in Kissimmee, Fla.

During the nine-day auction — Alex Lyon & Son’s 21st annual Florida sale, a wide variety of equipment went on the block from Feb. 1 through Feb. 9, with each day featuring more than 1,000 lots of equipment.