Allied Hammerhead II HB 550 Breaks Up Concrete Slabs

Thu February 23, 2006 - National Edition

Allied Construction Products LLC has added the Hammerhead II model HB 550 to its full-product line of attachments.

The Allied Hammerhead II is a self-contained hydraulic concrete slab buster designed to demolish concrete flatwork. The concrete is rubblized at a 45-degree angle from the point of impact. This concrete flatwork includes floors, driveways, bridge decks and roadways up to 12 in. (30.5 cm) thick. The Hammerhead II’s simple design uses only three moving parts.

Hammerhead II operates both vertically and horizontally on any concrete surface. An internal hydraulic cylinder and valve system compresses a heavy compression spring set. This spring set loads the system with 3,350 psi (231 bar) of hydraulic pressure.

On the return stroke of the cylinder, Hammerhead II releases the trigger mechanism. This mechanism causes the 4-in. (10 cm) impact bar weighing 388 lbs. (175 kg) to “fire” at the concrete with up to a 4,000 ft./lb. (5,424 Nm) energy class impact force.

The Allied Hammerhead II model HB 550 is a 1,130-lb. (512.6 kg) hydraulic concrete slab buster that mounts easily on a 5,000- to 9,000-lb. (2,268 to 4,082 kg) skid steer, 7,000- to 15,000-lb. (3,175 to 6,800 kg) mini-excavator or 9,000- to 16,500-lb. (4,082 to 7,484 kg) backhoe loader.

The model HB 550 concrete slab buster rubblizes concrete with a single blow, reducing labor intensive jobs to fast demolition and clean-up and demolishes concrete flatwork. The slab buster is powered by the carrier’s hydraulic pump.

More than 2,500 customized hydraulic kits from Allied provide components for mounting Allied’s Hammerhead II on skid steers, mini-excavators and backhoe loaders. The model HB 550 requires 8 to 20 gpm (30 to 75 Lpm) at 1,700 to 3,500 psi (117 to 241 bar) and it breaks at a rate of 25 to 40 blows per minute.

Demolition of concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, bridge decks, retaining walls, pilings and roadways are many of the applications for the model HB 550 hydraulic concrete slab buster.

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