Allied’s Rammer in-Series Hammers

Tue January 16, 2007 - National Edition

Allied Construction Products LLC has added the Rammer in-Series hydraulic impact hammer to its full-product line.

The in-Series hammers have an unbreakable trapezoidal tool that provides extended service-life combined with productivity.

The in-Series hammers feature no tie-rods, no tie-bolts, no side-bolts and no steel tool bushings. One bushing has been made of composite wear-resistant material.

The in-Series hammers, which are available in four models — the model 8, model 11, model 15 and model 22 — range (depending on the model) from a working weight of 152 to 453 lbs. (68.9 to 205.5 kg), operating pressures from 2,030 to 2,175 psi (140 to 150 bar), oil flows from 3 to 18 gpm (11.3 to 68 Lpm) and blows per minute from 1,800 to 2,100.

Mounted on mini-excavators, mini-skid steers, skid steers and backhoes, the in-Series hydraulic impact hammers are built for the demolition of concrete structures, building foundations and pavement.

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