Allu Group Launches New Compacting Plate Series

Wed April 23, 2008 - National Edition

Allu Group Inc. has launched a new series of accessories for the excavators. Allu VP product family consists of five different types of ground compacting plates.

Allu VP Compacting plate is the right kind of attachment when there is a need to compact soil well, according to the manufacturer.

There are several applications for Allu VP compacting plate: for example pipeline trenches, embankments, parking places and basis of the constructions. Optimum vibration force and maximum depth of compaction, even up to 3 ft. (0.9 m) in one single phase, ensure that the compaction work is carried effectively.

Due to its wide product range Allu VP fits to excavators sized from 17,000 to 99,000 lbs. (7,711 to 44,906 kg). For very narrow trenches there is a special designed Allu UV 8-2 compacting plate with a long arm to reach even tightest spots. All the models are available with a 360 degrees hydraulic rotator.

Allu VP also is available with almost all kinds of adapters, even with a quick coupler automatically changing the hydraulic hoses.