Allu Group Moves Into New, Larger Facility in Teterboro, NJ

Thu June 29, 2006 - Northeast Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Allu Group, a manufacturer and distributor of the Allu screening bucket, recently moved to a new, larger facility in Teterboro, NJ.

Allu made the move in mid-February to the 9,000-sq.-ft. building at 700 Huyler St. Prior to relocation, Allu was shipping its product to a public warehouse 20 mi. away from the base facility.

The new facility allows Allu employees from shipping and warehousing and sales operations to interact under one roof, which will result in better communication and verification between the two divisions.

“The move will help increase the accuracy of parts and products being shipped because Allu will be able to rely on their own employees to double-check shipments rather than relying on the employees of a public warehouse,” said Mardi Ohanessian, president of the Allu Group.

With 7,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, the company is able to inventory a larger supply of whole goods and parts, according to Ohanessian.

The new facility also allows Allu to drop-ship container sales directly to the customer, cutting down on response time.

Allu screening buckets are used for aerating, crushing, screening, blending and pulverizing materials. Allu also manufactures a line of soil stabilization products and compost turning equipment.