ALLU - Transforming More Than Just Profits

Thu March 09, 2017 - National Edition

The ALLU Transformer is a hydraulic attachment for wheel loader, excavator, skid steer or similar equipment. ALLU has developed the concept and design over many years to effectively make your life so much easier and productive.

It all boils down to efficiency. With the ALLU Transformer, there is no longer need to bring both a wheel loader/excavator and a crusher on site. Instead, the Transformer bucket screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials transforming the materials people work with.

ALLU technology quite literally transforms everything around it making things more productive, more environmentally friendly and more profitable. With versatility at its very core, the Transformer will process just about anything that is sent its way. This includes materials including construction debris, topsoil, excavated soil and contaminated soil, to clay, peat, bark, compost, bio-waste, milled asphalt, coal, oil shale and limestone.

In effect, virtually any material that can be crushed, screened, sized and sorted.

Material processing will be revolutionised as it will be accomplished with the Transformer converting your base machine into a mobile processing plant. Through using the machine in this new way businesses will have a smaller carbon footprint and directly benefitting from lower transportation costs.

Transformer is technology will seeks to redefine businesses by the following:

• TRANSFORMING processing materials


• TRANSFORMING health and safety

• TRANSFORMING materials separation


• TRANSFORMING capital expenditure

• TRANSFORMING man hours

• TRANSFORMING efficiency

• TRANSFORMING the industry you work in

• TRANSFORMING carbon foot print

• TRANSFORMING fuel costs

• TRANSFORMING operational flexibility

The ALLU Transformer, TRANSFORMING the way people work, TRANSORMING business.