Atlas Copco Announces New Hurricane Booster Module

Fri October 12, 2012 - National Edition

Atlas Copco has added the Hurricane M-41 booster module to its product line-up. The module’s small footprint of just 54 by 57 by 65 in. (137 by 137 by 165 cm) and its dry weight of just over 4,000 lbs. (1,814 kg) makes it ideal for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and mobile drill rig owners looking to customize an existing rig.

The Hurricane M-41 has a power requirement in the 175 to 250 hp range and can be driven by a rig’s existing engine drive or by a hydraulic or electric motor, as well as by a PTO transfer case. It is capable of delivering 1,000 psi discharge with a capacity of up to 2,440 cfm (cubic feet per minute) from 350 psi of suction.

The new booster module features a dual inlet suction manifold that provides a better gas flow and therefore lower overall system temperature. This lower temperature allowed the system’s design engineers to do away with the concentric valve water cooling system, further reducing the plumbing on the module without degrading performance, according to the manufacturer.

The control panel, which may be remote-mounted if desired, is equipped with a digital thermal scanner for monitoring cylinder temperatures and a tachometer to monitor rpm. Fork lift pockets make the unit easy to move and position.

“The M-41 booster offering is a unique complement to the current B4-41 and B7-41 packages available from Atlas Copco Hurricane,” commented Daryl Heiser, application and product support manager of Atlas Copco Hurricane. “The OEMs and operators now have a package that fits well with requirements for customizing their equipment.”

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