Atlas Copco Construction Tools Offers CC 3300 Attachment

Fri February 09, 2007 - National Edition

Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC offers the CC3300 demolition attachment for carriers in the 33- to 55-ton (30 to 50 t) class. It has an operating pressure of 5,100 psi and short cycle times. Both universal jaws and steel-cutting jaws are available for the CC 3300.

Opening 40 in. (101.6 cm) wide and delivering 441 tons (400 t) of cutting force, the universal jaws are practical for heavily reinforced concrete demolition, building demolition, cutting steel profiles, secondary reduction and material separation, according to the manufacturer.

The steel-cutting jaws open 17 in. (43.2 cm) wide, also providing 441 tons of cutting force and work with steel structure demolition, secondary reduction and material separation.

The CC 3300 comes with wear parts that can be changed on site and the cutters jaws are mounted on one central bearing pin for improved stability and faster jaw replacement.

The CC 3300 comes with CAPS, a new capturing and positioning system. CAPS keeps the jaws connected after they have been removed and facilitates refitting through a special guide system making it possible to replace cutter jaws on site.

The CC 3300 offers separate hydraulic cylinders for each of the moving jaws. This system allows for consistent high breaking force over the entire breaking cycle. Additionally, the system allows the jaws to be moved independently, which prevents damaging reaction forces from being transferred to the cutter or the carrier.

The CC 3300 also comes with enlarged cross sections of the hydraulic lines, which significantly shorten jaw opening and closing times. Combining a double jaw with a single jaw ensures maximum stability even under extreme loads, and reversible blades provide longer service life, according to the manufacturer.

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