Atlas Copco 1900 Hydraulic Demolition Multi-Grapple Attachment

Mon November 27, 2006 - National Edition

Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.’s MG 1900 hydraulic demolition multi-grapple attachment has a high load capacity of 1.1 cu. yds. (.84 cu m) and a maximum closing force of 8 tons (7.26 t) for sorting and loading rubble, as well as demolition of masonry and wooden structures.

At a service weight of 4,189 lbs. (1,900 kg), the MG 1900 works with carriers in the 22 to 33 ton (20 to 30 t) weight class. The unit operates at a maximum pressure of 5,076 psi (350 bar) and accepts maximum hydraulic flow of 40 gpm (151.4 Lpm).

The grapple jaws of the MG 1900 open to a width of 87 in. (221 cm). The jaws feature large bearing surfaces for reduced wear and higher productivity. Each jaw tip has a replaceable wear edge that can be flipped to provide a second wear surface.

A 360-degree hydraulic rotation unit on the MG 1900 allows for accurate positioning of the attachment to speed up work progress. Additionally, two hydraulic cylinders maximize the grapple’s closing forces. The cylinders are guarded to protect against outside debris, and a built-in rotation protection system reduces wear and tear on the carrier.

Optional loading plates are available to improve grapple capacity. The plates fasten to and close the sides of the grapple jaws to more effectively contain material when loading.

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