Atlas Copco Introduces Hydraulic Pulverizer Attachment

Wed November 05, 2008 - National Edition

Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC’s DP 2000 hydraulic demolition pulverizer attachment features a compact and lightweight design.

The new demolition pulverizer attachment offers 292 tons (265 t) maximum cutting force and 94 tons (85 t) of crushing force at the jaw tip. With a service weight of 4,520 lbs. (2,050 kg), the unit is suitable for carriers in the 20- to 30-ton (18 to 27 t) weight class.

Operating at a maximum pressure of 5,075 psi (350 bar) and accepting maximum hydraulic flow of 66 gpm (250 Lpm), the DP 2000 uses a straight jaw design that allows the pulverizer’s jaws to open to a width of 30.7 in. (78 cm). This wider opening enables the unit to handle larger pieces of debris, making the DP 2000 a highly efficient solution for primary demolition of light- to medium-reinforced concrete structures, secondary reduction and material separation.

The DP 2000 is constructed of components created through Finite Element Method (FEM) design, which adds durability by applying additional support components only where necessary. FEM ensures the attachment has the required strength to withstand the extreme loads of demolition applications while keeping the unit lightweight, according to the manufacturer.

An advanced speed valve on the DP 2000 allows shorter opening and closing cycle times for increased production on the job site. For easier operation and handling, the unit hydraulically rotates 360 degrees. A built-in rotation protection system reduces wear and tear on the carrier, and the pulverizer’s hydraulic cylinders are guarded for full protection from outside debris.

Easily replaceable teeth on the jaws are advantageous for performing field maintenance, and the unit’s replaceable blades effectively cut rebar as the tool penetrates through concrete. The blades also are reversible to add service life.

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