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Atlas Copco MB 1700 Hydraulic Breaker

Mon November 20, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.’s MB 1700 hydraulic breaker features Krupp percussion technology for rock mining, demolition, secondary breaking, tunnel construction, trenching and foundation work.

The design of the MB 1700 uses high single blow energy and an impact frequency of up to 600 blows per minute. At a service weight of 3,750 lbs. (1,700 kg), the MB 1700 is suitable for excavators in the 19.8 to 37.5 ton (18 to 34 t) weight class and has a maximum hydraulic input flow of 42 gpm (159 Lpm) at a maximum operating pressure of 2,610 psi (180 bar).

The MB 1700 includes the AutoControl monitoring system, which allows the breaker to adapt its frequency and power output to match operating conditions. It begins by firing the first stroke at half-power to create a pilot notch that will center the working tool and prevent unnecessary tool slippage. The monitoring system then adjusts the power output to match the density of the specified material to be broken. This reduces excess shock on both the breaker and carrier and lengthens the service life of tension bolts and retainer bars, according to the manufacturer.

Additionally, the MB 1700 features the StartSelect system, which allows start-up and shut-off to be adjusted to fit job-site conditions. In AutoStop mode, the breaker will not fire until the operator applies down pressure on the demolition tool via the carrier. AutoStop eliminates damaging blank firing by circulating the hydraulic oil internally under low pressure when down pressure is not applied to the tool. This feature can be used for safely circulating and warming the hydraulic system before breaking in cold climates, according to the manufacturer.

In AutoStart mode, the StartSelect system works with AutoControl. The breaker begins operating as soon as the working tool comes in contact with the material regardless of down pressure, but power is limited to 50 percent until the demolition tool can be fully seated in the breaker. This assures that the breaker is properly positioned to accept full single blow energy safely, without a damaging blank fire, according to the manufacturer.

The MB 1700 comes with the VibroSilenced damping system and ContiLube II, two other exclusive features of Krupp percussion technology. The VibroSilenced damping system helps alleviate excess noise and vibration. ContiLube II is an automatic lubrication system mounted directly on the breaker. Featuring a compact, self-priming pump, ContiLube II eliminates the need to grease manually the breaker before each use. Lubricant levels can be observed from the driver’s cab.

The MB 1700 comes equipped with an optional DustProtector, which protects the inner mechanism from the damaging effects of dust.

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