Atlas Copco Offers Ventilation System for Hydraulic Breakers

Fri May 21, 2010 - National Edition

At Bauma 2010, Atlas Copco launched a new carrier-integrated breaker ventilation system for tunneling applications. The ventilation system delivers additional air to the breaker, minimizing the risk of extensive wear.

Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers are suitable for tunnel heading, scaling, extension and demolition work. When working underground, abrasive dust in the air can enter the percussion chamber. The oil circuit between the attachment and the carrier can become contaminated, and rust can form on the piston from water sprinkling on the breaker. All these factors can cause considerable wear on the breaker.

To avoid these problems, Atlas Copco developed a carrier-integrated breaker ventilation system to supply additional air. The system is easy to install by a simple hydraulic connection to the carrier; the electronic system of the carrier is not touched, according to the manufacturer.

The new breaker ventilation requires no separate tow-behind air compressor, and no additional air hose lying around the work surface. The system is synchronized with the hydraulic breaker and operates without emissions.

The carrier-integrated breaker ventilation system is available for Atlas Copco breakers in the 2,205 to 9,259 lb. class.

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