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Genie Z45-25 for $10000

  • Description: 2006 GENIE Z45-25 BOOM LIFT, DEUTZ DIESEL ENGINE, 45' PLATFORM HEIGHT, 25' REACH, 500LB CAPACITY, 355/55 D625 TIRES, VIN/SN:Z452506-28085 VIN/SN:Z452506-28085 ODO READS:2809
  • Serial Number: Z452506-28085
  • Auction: Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc at online, on 2017-06-21
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Genie Z45-25 for $12500

  • Description: 2001 Genie Z4525 4WD Diesel Articulating Boom Lift
  • Equipment Hours: 3510
  • Serial Number: Z4525-17205
  • Auction: IronPlanet at Online, on 2014-08-18
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