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Workforce 157 for $50

  • Description: WorkForce 1571 Lift, Tag #33659, Buyers must read and COMPREHEND ALL terms and conditions before bidding. When registering, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions. McGrew Equipment Company LLC and its employees are not in the business of intentionally misrepresenting equipment or misleading buyers with descriptions or pictures. However, we can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE without any doubt we will make a few mistakes, and in there will be errors in this catalog. Any errors made in picturing or describing items do NOT negate the buyer's responsibility to pay for their purchases. We will make every attempt possible to correct these errors before each lot hits the Auction Block. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure each item meets his or her needs and requirements before placing any bids. Check back often for updates.
  • Auction: Cloverfield Machinery at New Egypt, NJ on 2018-11-10
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