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Galion RP42 for $4750

Galion RP42 for $4000

  • Description: GALION RP42 MILLING MACHINE, S/N 1118
  • Serial Number: 1118
  • Auction: Bunch Brothers Auctioneers at LOUISVILLE, KY on 2017-04-25
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Galion RP42 for $6000

  • Description: Open Operator Station, Heater, 42" Cutting Width, Water System. The engine started and ran. The drivetrain engaged in forward and reverse. The hydraulic system was operational. The main components appear to be in place and operational.
  • Equipment Hours: 1215
  • Serial Number: 1C-1094
  • Auction: IronPlanet at online, on 2013-06-14
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