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Auction results for Caterpillar D300B Off-Highway Trucks

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Caterpillar D300B for $7000

Caterpillar D300B for $21000

  • Description: Caterpillar D300B Water Truck
  • Equipment Hours: 5855
  • Serial Number: 4SD00532
  • Auction: IronPlanet at Online, on 2014-08-18
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Caterpillar D300B for $14000

  • Description: Cat D300B 6x6 Meter Reads: 1563 Hrs, Cat 3306 Engine, 260 Hp, 5 Sp, 70 T Cap, Articulating, 17'L Box, AC, Heat, AM/FM, Cass, Tires: 23.5x25
  • Auction: I.R.A.Y. Auction at Fole, MN on 2013-09-13
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