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Auction results for Waldon 5000 Wheel Loaders

Machines listed from most recent to oldest auction.

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Waldon 5000 for $6200

  • Description: 4-cylinder gas engine, 172 cubic inch displacement, 5785 hours showing, 31X15.50-15 tires (50%), ROPS, 12v system, with hydraulic loader, 55" wide bucket; CLEGG tree spade attachment with extra set of spades sizes: 24in and 32" at 15 degree angle, 7 hydraulic remotes; includes heavy duty boom assembly kit operators manual, horn kit, emergency brakes, seat belt, ROPS guard, service manual, operators and parts list, Ford maintenance book and parts list
  • Auction: Beazley Auctioneers at Hastings, MN on 2018-02-06
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Waldon 5000 for $3397

  • Description: HEEL LOADER - BKT, CAB, 10X16.5
  • Equipment Hours: 1772
  • Serial Number: 5304
  • Auction: Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers at EDMONTON, AB on 2017-03-02
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Waldon 5000 for $4070

  • Description: 1975 Waldon 5000 wheel loader
  • Equipment Hours: 2047
  • Serial Number: 10089
  • Auction: Purple Wave, Inc. at Marysville, KS on 2015-07-16
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