B&B Paving Gets Gold Key Treatment From John Deere

Wed October 26, 2005 - Southeast Edition

When Danny Blackburn, owner of B&B Paving, recently purchased a John Deere 200CLC excavator from the Raleigh, NC-based RW Moore Equipment Company, little did he know that he would be going for the gold as well…or at least for a Gold Key.

Blackburn’s 35-year-old paving and grading company, recently received a Gold Key Award after ordering its latest machine from RW Moore.

Customers can receive the Gold Key treatment as a thank you from John Deere and their dealer for purchasing an ordered machine.

While it was the contractor’s sixth purchase from RW Moore, it was the first time their order didn’t come from the yard.

“We were fortunate to be able to present the Gold Key to B&B since it’s only available on ordered machines and B&B worked with us to make this happen,” said Dan Moore, president of RW Moore Equipment Company. “We’ve worked for a long time to win B&B’s business, and we were very glad for the opportunity to meet their needs.“

As part of the Gold Key experience, employees of B&B and RW Moore were taken to the John Deere equipment manufacturing plant in Kernersville, NC. During their visit at the plant, they received a tour of the facility, a catered lunch and B&B was presented with the Gold Key plaque by representatives of John Deere and RW Moore. The event culminated with Blackburn being handed the keys to his brand new John Deere excavator, which he was able to drive directly off of the plant’s assembly line.

“There is nothing like being able to drive a brand new piece of equipment right off of the floor,” said Blackburn. “I really felt honored and was glad to be a part of this whole experience. I salute the guys at John Deere and RW Moore for knowing how to treat customers the right way.”

The Gold Key Award is just one aspect of the many customer service initiatives provided by RW Moore. Besides carrying Deere’s full line of equipment available for sale, lease or rent, it also represents Sakai, Interstate, Bell, Proline, Takeuchi and ASV Positrack.