Bandit Offers New Quick-Change Rotary Drum Chippers

Sun August 24, 2008 - National Edition

Rotary drum chippers are ready for a change — a Quick-Change.

The simple rotary drum chipper has been a fixture in the utility line maintenance and tree maintenance industry for more than half a century, and the basic design of these drums has not changed in nearly 25 years.

Bandit’s new rotary drum design cuts knife changing time in half, makes it easier to set the knife to the anvil, and makes it easy to remove the shaft of the drum should the need arise, according to the manufacturer.

Knife maintenance is one of the most important items on these chippers. The need to remove the shaft from the drum is not a common occurrence, but when the need does arise, the old-style shafts on conventional drums can be very difficult to remove. Oftentimes the shaft must be cut from the drum, ruining both components. Removing the shaft from the rotor in the Quick-Change System is simple and can be easily completed without damaging the rotor, according to Bandit.

Bandit offers two different styles of rotary drum chippers, including 12- and 16-in. (30.5 and 40.6 cm) long drums.

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