Beard Equipment Takes On Allu Line

Tue March 30, 2004 - Southeast Edition
Jennifer Conway

Beard Equipment Company, based in Mobile, AL, recently took on the Allu line of equipment. Allu’s product family includes bucket-like processing attachments for recycling and material processing.

“The Allu line fits into a new market,” said Drew Delaney, Beard Equipment rental manager. “Allu products allow you to use the machine for more than one purpose, getting higher utilization out of your machine.”

Allu attachments can be used in green waste compost and contaminated soils, among many other applications, noted Mardi Ohanessian, Allu president.

Beard Equipment is now able to give its existing machines the ability to work in the environmental, compost and recycling industries, he said. “The Allu products add a lot of value to loaders, excavators and skid steers.”

The company took on the line in January and offered a demo day to its sales managers, representatives and a number of customers.

Because the Allu attachments come in all different sizes, the “hard” part is finding the right unit for the right person, noted Delaney. Different applications and final products will dictate the necessary product.

The Allu product line includes its SM Screener Crusher, an accessory for hydraulic loaders such as wheel loaders, excavators and backhoes. It can screen, crush, mix and separate different materials in a one-step operation.

The PM Power Mix is a hydraulically operated attachment for excavators. It can mix, add binder, aerate and stabilize simultaneously on site.

The AS Windrow Turner is a mixing, turning and aerating machine for the treatment of different materials, like compost, contaminated soil and other bulky materials.

The Powder Spreader is an attachment for excavators and wheel loaders. It can spread different binders on the soil to be stabilized.

The Allu VP Compacting Plate is an attachment for excavators for compacting materials up to 90 percent and even to a depth of 2.5 ft. (.8 m).

“Beard is a reputable house that has been in business for many years. It has a reputation for being a quality supplier,” said Ohanessian. “Allu is very proud to have them. We make a quality product and are looking forward to working with a quality dealer. Allu will work with Beard to make this a success for them and us.”

Beard Equipment traces its roots to Pensacola, FL, where in April 1970 it opened its doors for the first time. Since then, the company opened additional branches: Panama City, FL, 1974; and Mobile, AL, 1982. Each facility is a full-service dealership providing sales, rental, parts and service.

Beard Equipment is the John Deere dealer serving southwest Alabama and northwest Florida. The company also carries Kolberg-Pioneer, Timberjack, Hitachi, Bomag, Bobcat, Club Car, Trail King and various attachment lines. Additionally, the company offers a large selection of used equipment, a full rental fleet and extensive parts departments and specialized service centers.

For more information about Beard Equipment, call 251/456-1993.

For more information on the Allu family of products, call 800/939-2558.