Binder Machinery Takes on Sennebogen’s Green Line

Fri June 04, 2004 - Northeast Edition

Scrap yards and other facilities in New Jersey and lower New York State could be turning green — as in Sennebogen’s Green Line of material handlers, which will now be available through Binder Machinery Company in South Plainfield, NJ.

Both Binder and Sennebogen are excited about the new partnership.

“We know our scrap-recycling and material-handling customers are always looking for products that will help them do their jobs faster, safer and more profitably. We’re confident that the Sennebogen products we represent will do just that,” said Bob Binder, chairman of Binder Machinery Company.

“From our end, we’re very pleased that Binder decided to take on the Sennebogen Line,” said Constantino Lannes, president of Sennebogen North America.

“With Binder, not only do we get access to an important material-handling market, but we do so with a company that shares our commitment to product support. Binder’s support capabilities are outstanding and the company has an excellent reputation for rapid response,” he said.

“We look forward to working closely with Binder to ensure readily available replacement parts and properly trained technicians to make repairs on our machines quickly and efficiently,” Lannes continued.

Although Sennebogen’s specialized material handling machines have been used successfully in Europe for more than 50 years, they did not make their appearance in the United States until 2000 when Sennebogen LLC established a subsidiary in Charlotte, NC.

Sennebogen knew that there was opportunity for its Green Line in the U.S. market, but the company wanted to ensure that it could readily provide customers with full product support on its machines before establishing itself here. When the company believed that it could provide a strong level of customer service and parts availability, the Green Line was introduced to the U.S. market.

Sennebogen makes 21 models of material handlers ranging from a 44,000-lb. (19,959 kg) unit up to a 240,000-lb (108,862 kg) unit. Most are rubber-tired machines, but the line also includes tracked and pedestal-mounted material handlers as well.

In addition, Binder Machinery offers a full line of attachments — from grapples, hooks and magnets to clamshell buckets and boom-mounted shears — enabling the Green Line to take on almost any type of material-handling application.

According to Sennebogen, it does not manufacture these units as a redesign from a hydraulic excavator. The company is proud that its Green Line is designed for one purpose and one purpose only — material handling. Because of its specific design, the material handlers are able to provide greater capacities with a longer reach.

“The stresses on material handling machines are very different from digging machines,” said Erich Sennebogen Jr., managing director of Sennebogen.

“With a grapple, you always have 4 or 5 thousand pounds of grab. You always have a full bucket of material. So that means you always have a max load where fast cycles are required. It is a completely different philosophy of machinery design than with earthmoving. The Sennebogens have a longer reach that’s more dynamic to the machine. They are working on a radius of 50 feet, digging excavators work half of that,” he added.

“Unlike a customized hydraulic excavator, our material handlers are designed and manufactured for one reason — repetitive lifting and swinging. We offer increased reach, stability and maneuverability. Thanks to a cab that operators can raise, lower and extend, visibility is excellent,” explained Lannes.

“For many years, we have been involved with industries like the scrap industry because we have a big part of that industry in the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area,” Binder said. “And, we have been servicing those people with an ’unspecialized’ machine. Now, we have a very uniquely designed product for their application. I think customers will relate to that and our reputation for product support speaks for itself.”

Sennebogen’s different design philosophy about material handlers also relates to the choice of color.

“The green color shows the different mentality of the whole company and the different focus. The green color means environmentally positive recycling. People and customers recognize that as very positive and they see the difference in the machine and also in the color,” said Sennebogen.

Another feature of the Green Line is its ease of maintenance and serviceability. The Sennebogens have not gone very deep into electronic control of the equipment. Electronics make all maintenance troubleshooting very expensive. “All our machines are controlled hydraulically. All troubleshooting and maintenance is much simpler. Maintenance and serviceability are especially easy,” Lannes said.

Binder and Sennebogen share more than offering the Green Line to its customers. Both companies are family-owned and have been in business for approximately the same amount of time — Binder has been in business for 47 years and Sennebogen has been in business for 52 years. And, both companies believe in providing customers with products that meet their specific needs as well as having parts and service readily available.

It was because of the similarities in philosophies and the strong recommendations of customers that Sennebogen chose Binder to become a Sennebogen dealer.