Bobcat 8B High-Flow Chipper Turns Down the Volume

Sun December 10, 2006 - National Edition

Bobcat’s new 8B high-flow chipper attachment reduces branch volume 10-to-1, thus limiting trips to the dumpsite and improving wood decomposition.

The high-flow chipper also has several new features, including a variable gpm setting, a reset override system and a smart valve and pressure valve to maximize chipper performance.

The 8B, unlike pull-type chippers, can be easily placed in backyards and other remote areas due to the size, agility and maneuverability of a Bobcat loader or utility work machine, according to the company.

The attachment is approved for use on Bobcat machines with high-flow hydraulic systems. This includes Bobcat skid-steer loaders (models S160H through S300H), compact track loaders (models T180H through T300H) and the Toolcat 5600H utility work machine.

The variable gpm setting enables the chipper attachment to operate within two different gpm flow ranges: 26 to 31 gpm (98 to 117 Lpm) and 32 to 37 gpm (121 to 140 Lpm). This improves chipping efficiency based on the Bobcat machine’s hydraulic flow capacity.

The smart valve feature monitors the chipper disc speed and limits plugging of the chipper head. When the chipper disc speed reaches a threshold level, the smart valve slows the feed roller until the chipper disc has recovered. Once the disc reaches maximum speed, the feed roller will resume. An in-line pressure valve controls the feed roller’s auto-reverse/auto-forward feature. If the system reaches the maximum psi level, the feed roller goes in auto-reverse until an optimal pressure level is maintained.

In the event the chipper safety bar is tripped, the reset override system allows the operator to reset the chipper without having to restart the entire system.

The 8B high-flow chipper uses the Bobcat Remote Attachment Control (RAC) system, which enables the operator to start or stop the loader engine and chipper attachment while standing beside the attachment.