Bobcat Co. Offers Buckets for Loaders, Utility Work Machines

Fri December 14, 2007 - National Edition

Bobcat Company offers a large selection of bucket styles and sizes. Each bucket is engineered to match the power and capacity of Bobcat machines.

• Construction/Industrial (C/I) buckets feature high-carbon steel cutting edges for longer wear, side-cutting edges for increased performance, a durable waffle-type skid plate, good cutting edge visibility and bucket breakout force.

• Dirt buckets are available in six sizes with heaped capacities from 5.1 to 20.1 cu. ft. (0.1 to 0.6 cu m).

• Fertilizer and Grain buckets have large capacities and more rollback range to minimize spillage over the front edge.

• Light-Material buckets are high-backed with straight sides for large capacity offerings for loading and handling light materials such as snow and mulch.

• Low-Profile buckets are built with a longer bottom for grading, leveling and material handling. Other features include increased cutting-edge visibility and good bucket breakout force.

• Utility buckets are available in four different sizes and are designed to handle a wide variety of jobs and materials.

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