Bomag Mid-Size Class Paver Changes Widths ’On-the-Go’

Wed August 30, 2006 - National Edition

The new Bomag 814-2 mid-size class, self-propelled asphalt paver offers the design, performance characteristics and features to make it ideal for the growing asphalt contractor.

Built with the new UNIMAT 2 screed assembly that offers an 8- to 14-ft. standard paving width, the 814-2 is able to handle a wide variety of applications — from paving secondary roads and city streets to small asphalt repair and resurfacing jobs.

Additionally, the screed extensions are hydraulically controlled, allowing operators to change paving widths “on-the-go” within the entire paving range.

Though primarily intended for commercial paving jobs, the new 814-2 offers mainline paver performance and features. Powered by an 85-hp, water-cooled Cummins turbo diesel engine that supplies ample power to the hydrostatic drive and pumps, the 814-2 can offer production not typically found with comparable-class pavers.

Combined with a load-sensing hydraulic system that delivers power only when needed, the paver can maintain impressive paving speeds up to 180 ft. per minute and travel speeds up to 360 ft. per minute, all while remaining highly fuel efficient.

The 814-2’s screed design utilizes a formed leading edge that maximizes material flow and makes it possible to pave at depths ranging from zero to 6 in. The screed can be crowned or inverted up to 2 in. for maximum paving control, and is equipped with a vibrator and propane heaters to assure consistent material flow. Hydraulic depth controls and urethane track pads also are standard.

For further material flow consistency, the screed extensions are fitted with material augers. Designed to provide steady and reliable material delivery at all paving widths, the augers are reversible and can be controlled automatically or manually.

The 814-2 features a low-deck configuration with dual operator’s stations to simplify control and increase visibility. The paver can be operated from either side of the platform, or both at the same time. Additionally, machine controls are laid out for maximum operator comfort and ease of use.

Featuring an 8-ton capacity dual-slat conveyor system, the 814-2’s hopper can be raised more than 6-ft. high for complete access to the crawler system undercarriage. This simplifies required maintenance and cleaning, while allowing for conveyor and track-chain adjustment without having to crawl underneath the paver.

New service entry points make for easy access to the paver’s engine. Maintenance concerns also are reduced with the addition of track fenders as standard equipment. By keeping the tracks clean, the fenders help reduce excess wear to the track assembly. The tracks are self-cleaning with sealed rollers, while both the drive and idler sprockets are heat treated to prevent wear.

In addition, screed wear plates on both the main screed and extensions are constructed of heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant 400 brinell hardness steel, which bolt-on for easy replacement.

The 814-2 is available with Topcon’s System Four Screed Automation. Using a “non-contacting” sonic sensor system, Screed Automation allows for paving without cumbersome skis or string lines and provides joint matching without actually contacting any surfaces.

Other optional equipment includes a swivel-mounted hydraulic tow-type truck hitch with bumper rollers, ditch plates, engine shroud, fail-safe brakes, working lights and a simple Moba automatic joint matcher system. The Moba system controls mat depth automatically by way of a sonic sensor, eliminating the need for manual control.

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