Bonnell Expansion Leads to Updated Customer Journey

Tue August 13, 2019 - National Edition
Bonnell Industries

As Bonnell Industries continues to expand, its dedication to customer service remains at the heart of what it does. In order to improve the customer journey, Bonnell has implemented a number of changes to increase convenience and streamline the purchasing and servicing process.

Municipal customers will now have three points of contact: a dedicated regional sales manager responsible for new equipment purchases, a dedicated parts and service sales rep responsible for updating or servicing currently owned equipment, and an inside sales rep responsible for pricing, delivery and general customer support.

Commercial customers inside of Bonnell's region will now be directed to a commercial sales rep, and those outside of the Bonnell region will be directed to a national sales rep.

Bonnell is excited to better serve their customers and is confident that these changes will create an improved experience.

"We have been expanding our product offering in the last few years to better serve our valued customers and we did not want this expansion to sacrifice the level of support our customers have come to expect. We feel these changes will allow us to achieve both goals,"sales manager Jeff Peterson said.

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