Boys Drive Excavator at Pa. Strip Mine, Smash Bulldozer

Fri May 06, 2011 - Northeast Edition

GREENSBORO, Pa. (AP) State police said two boys, ages 12 and 9, drove a large excavator at a southwestern Pennsylvania strip mine, smashing a bulldozer in the process.

Police said the 12-year-old will be charged with felony criminal mischief in Greene County Juvenile Court. The other boy is too young to be charged under Pennsylvania law.

Police said Ali Co. Excavating and Construction, of Kingwood, W.Va., has insurance for the mine site in Monongahela Township, but not the equipment that was damaged.

The boys caused $164,000 in damage — about $150,000 of it to the bulldozer. Police said the boys also emptied fire extinguishers in every vehicle on the site.

Police said the boys acknowledged causing the damage saying they were bored.