Bri-Mar Includes Warranty on Pretreatment Process

Wed September 12, 2007 - National Edition

Bri-Mar Manufacturing LLC has added a new rust and heat scale remover to its paint pretreatment system. Working in cooperation with chemical supplier Nalco Company of Naperville, Ill., Bri-Mar has now added Nalco’s Acid Clean 969 to its paint pretreatment process.

According to Nalco’s Industry Development Manager Craig Burkart, “There are many trailer builders in North America who use no paint pretreatment process whatsoever. This neglect cheapens the product and allows corrosion to form beneath the paint, eventually destroying the painted surface. Bri-Mar’s phosphate conversion coating process provides best-in-class protection for its products.”

Today’s heat treating, laser or plasma cutting and welding practices can cause heat scale, which in turn can prevent the phosphate conversion from working properly.

Bri-Mar’s new Nalco Acid Clean process eliminates heat scale, thus allowing the phosphate conversion to be uniform on all surfaces. The process ensures adherence of Bri-Mar’s powder-coated paint finishes, which are now available in basic black and a wide range of colors.

“Our goal on this project,” said Kevin Kelley, Bri-Mar operations manager, “was to further ensure proper adherence of our paint such that we could extend warranty to two years — the best in the industry.”

Since 1995, Bri-Mar Manufacturing has been providing products for a wide range of industries. Its product lines include hydraulic dump trailers, equipment haulers, car haulers, and tilt trailers. Some are available in either deckover or low profile configurations.

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