California Leads Nation With More Than $2B in Federal Obligations Recovery Act Funding

Thu September 24, 2009 - West Edition

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that more than $2 billion in Recovery Act funding has now been federally obligated to 620 highway transportation infrastructure projects statewide. Focused on pumping Recovery funding into the California economy quickly, effectively and responsibly, California has obligated more Recovery Act funding federally designated for highway transportation infrastructure than any other state in the nation.

“We are working around the clock with the federal government to ensure President Obama’s Recovery funding is pumped into California quickly, effectively and responsibly,” said Schwarzenegger. “California is the first state in the nation to obligate $2 billion of this funding, which will improve our state’s transportation infrastructure for generations to come while stimulating our economy, creating jobs and helping drive California down the road to economic recovery.”

Under the Recovery Act, states were given 120 days to obligate half of their federal stimulus transportation funding to projects — which California completed more than two months ahead of federal deadline.

California also was the first state in the nation to obligate $1 billion in stimulus funding to improve its highways, local streets, public transit and airports.

“From day one, our focus has been and continues to be ensuring that California gets the maximum benefit from federal stimulus funding,” said Caltrans Director Randy Iwasaki. “With the help of billions in stimulus dollars, we’re putting people to work and building better roads, bridges, and transit for Californians.”