Caltrans Completes Work on Maintenance Station

Sat January 17, 2009 - West Edition

A ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Fort Bragg Maintenance Station in Mendocino County took place on Dec. 9.

Approximately 45 people attended the celebration and were given a tour of the new facility.

Caltrans worked closely with the city of Fort Bragg in the design of this project. The new facility is energy efficient and designed to meet Caltrans’ future needs along the Mendocino Coast.

Fort Bragg Mayor Doug Hammerstrom spoke about the city’s relationship with Caltrans. “Our main street is Highway 1, so we have lots of ways in which we work on that together. Plus, access to our town is either by Highway 1 or Highway 20, and we appreciate the partnerships with Caltrans, both in the consultations that you did with us in creating this building but also considering us a stakeholder on issues that are outside the city on either Highway 1 or 20.”

Caltrans District Director Charlie Fielder also spoke about close partnerships. “This is a Caltrans building, but it’s also a building that is going to be here in the community for a very long time, so we were very sensitive to what the community, the city of Fort Bragg, what their wishes would be.“

Other speakers included Caltrans Maintenance Regional Manager Dennis Dickensheets, former Caltrans Project Manager Alan Escarda, and Caltrans Equipment Shop Safety Coordinator Stuart Parry.

Mayor Doug Hammerstrom cut the ribbon as it was being held by Charlie Fielder and Dennis Dickensheets.