Caltrans Continues Work on I-205 Widening in Tracy

Mon November 26, 2007 - West Edition
Brenda Ruggiero

Efforts to widen Interstate 205 in Tracy, Calif., to enhance its capacity and alleviate current traffic congestion are currently moving toward a fall 2009 completion date, with progress currently on schedule.

The $84 million project began on June 19, 2006, and involves both the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-205 between Interstate 5 and Hansen Road.

It is a joint venture between O.C. Jones and Sons Inc., which is in charge of widening of the roadway, and C.C. Myers, which is building the new bridges. Besides federal and state funding, additional monies are supplied by Measure K (SJCOG) and the City of Tracy.

According to Lisa Balcom of the Caltrans District 10 public information office, the overall project adds 22 mi. (35 km) of lanes (one in each direction) and widens 11 bridges. The job had been divided into five stages.

Stage 1 has already been completed, and involved the construction of sound walls between Eleventh Street and Grant Line Road and between the eastbound Tracy Boulevard on-ramp and the MacArthur Drive off-ramp. In addition, the auxiliary lane at the Eleventh Street on-ramp was extended.

In Stage 2, work has been completed on a concrete overlay between Eleventh Street and Interstate 5. Currently, crews are in the process of replacing the existing concrete pavement, with work 90 percent complete.

Stage 3 construction includes the widening of the beginning bridge with piles and columns, which is 45 percent complete. It also includes the widening of the eastbound Interstate 205 bridge over Interstate 5 and between Eleventh Street and Interstate 5. This portion is currently 20 percent complete.

Stage 4 consists of two tasks. One involves widening the bridge between Eleventh Street and Interstate 5, which is 25 percent complete. It also includes constructing new lanes between Eleventh Street and Interstate 5, which is currently 60 percent complete.

Stage 5 has not been started yet, but will include completing the asphalt overlay and final roadway work between Eleventh Street and Interstate 5.

Balcom noted that working adjacent to traffic has presented a challenge. Other difficulties include short work windows, night lane closures, accessing the median and environmental work restrictions in winter.

Overall, a total of 235,000 cu. yd. (180,000 cu m) of dirt were removed for the project, and 239,000 cu. yd. (183,000 cu m) of rock was added. A total of 200,000 tons (181,000 t) of asphalt was placed, and the bridges and foundations involved 9,800 cu. yds. (7,500 cu m) of concrete and 2.4 million lbs. (1.1 million kg) of reinforcing steel.

Major subcontractors for the job include Apex of Anderson, Calif., for guardrail; Adams/Smith of Utah for bridge steel; Bay Area Drilling, Pittsburg, Calif., for bridge piles; Central Stripe of Rancho Cordova, Calif., for striping; Collins Electric, Stockton, Calif., for electrical; EDS, Lodi, Calif., for traffic control; and Harris-Salinas, Livermore, Calif., for bridge rebar.

According to Balcom, large cranes are being used for the bridge work. Earthmoving equipment includes excavators, scrapers, motorgraders (blades) and compactors. For the new pavement, an asphalt paver is being used in addition to rollers. CEG

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