Campbell Retires After 40 Years of Industry Service

Tue August 28, 2007 - Midwest Edition

After more than 40 years of experience working on construction equipment, Joe Campbell, field service technician, has retired. Campbell, known for his loyal and independent nature, frequently was called upon for many years in southwest Missouri because of his resourcefulness and his ability to get almost any machine working despite its remote location or adverse conditions.

Different Places, Same Results

Campbell began his career at Caterpillar Tractor Company in its hydraulic control room in 1966. In 1976, Campbell went to work for E. A. Martin at the forklift division, serving as shop foreman and service technician. After some time at Hedges Construction, Campbell went to work for Traksan as a field service technician where he stayed for approximately 19 years. In May of 2005, The Victor L. Phillips Co. acquired Traksan’s facility and Campbell worked there for more than two years before deciding to retire.

A Legacy Left in the Area

While Campbell generally was known as quiet, his work ethic spoke much louder and was often requested by many in the area. “There was hardly anything he couldn’t work on,” said Tony Hladik, facility manager at Victor L. Phillips in Springfield, Mo. “He could do it all. He will be missed.”