Case Introduces Two New Models to Its CX Series Lineup

Wed August 30, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

In a continued expansion of its CX Series of hydraulic excavators, Case has introduced the CX330 and CX460 models with increased power, automatic operation mode and high-performance hydraulics.

The addition of the CX330 and CX460 brings the Case CX Series to 11 models, ranging from 8.2 tons (7.5 t) on the CX75 to 88 tons (80 t) on the CX800. The CX line ranges from 52 to 486 net hp (39 to 362 kW).

The CX330, which replaces the 9050B, offers 259 net hp (193 kW) and a maximum dig depth of 26 ft. 8 in. (8.14 m).

The CX460, which replaces the 9060B, delivers 316 net hp (235 kW) and maximum dig depth of 27 ft. 4 in. (8.34 m).

“These two new models build on the CX Series heritage as ’thinking machines,’” said David Wolf, marketing manager of Case. “Smart hydraulics make them easy to operate and the high-efficiency engines save on fuel costs and time. The CX Series is a full-line of excavator solutions from minimum-swing models to mass excavation units.”

The CX330 and CX460 have been engineered from the ground up for performance and efficiency. Changes include more engine power, quieter operation, improved digging forces, higher-flow hydraulics, larger counterweights, heavier boom and arm components, higher-capacity buckets and the new Pro Control System with its precise hydraulics, automatic operation mode and Auto Power Boost feature.

The CX330 delivers 51,436 lbs. (23,331 kg) of standard bucket digging force, up approximately 20 percent. The CX460 provides 55,065 lbs. (25,000 kg) of bucket digging force in standard operation mode and 60,698 lbs. (27,532 kg) with power boost engaged.

The CX Series includes four minimum-swing radius machines (CX75, CX80, CX135 and CX225), plus eight standard excavators (CX130, CX160, CX210, CX240, CX290, CX330, CX460 and CX800). Long reach versions are available on the CX210 and CX240, and the CX210 features a narrow configuration for urban construction.

Recent additions to the CX line include the high-capacity, mass-excavation CX800 and the three MSR models, featuring compact power and tight work envelopes.


Controlled Engine

Full-authority digital electronically controlled diesel engines featured in the CX210 through CX800 use electronic engine controls, high-pressure fuel injection and high-strength components. The engines have increased power-to-weight ratios in a design that boosts airflow, provides more power, improves response and increases fuel economy, according to the manufacturer.

“This engine will save fuel, run quietly and last longer,” Wolf said. “It provides a great performance edge and will increase resale value.”

The engines use charge-air cooling to lower the temperature of the air entering the combustion unit, reducing engine stress and improving combustion.

Electronic fuel injection delivers higher injection pressures and controls timing and fueling to match the load —boosting fuel efficiency and cycle times. Engines also feature auto warm-up to get systems on line quickly, and an auto idle feature to conserve fuel. The CX130 and CX160 are equipped with the turbocharged four-cylinder Case 4TAA-390 engine.

Automatic Mode Boosts Productivity

In the automatic work mode, an onboard computer selects the optimal operation mode by sensing load demands and automatically balancing power and speed for the greatest efficiency and economy. This feature provides accurate response, smoother operation and increased fuel economy for cost-effective operation, according to the manufacturer.

“We call CX Series excavators ’thinking machines’ for good reason,” Wolf said. “They respond to conditions on the job site and make the proper adjustments without operator intervention. This eliminates the guesswork and allows the operator to focus on the task at hand.”

Three manual modes also are available. Heavy mode provides full engine power and force for heavy excavation. Standard mode provides 90 percent engine speed and pump torque for normal digging and loading operations. Light mode provides the best fuel economy with 85 percent engine speed and 70 percent torque for precision operations and lifting.

PCS Hydraulics

The Pro Control System’s swing-priority feature improves cycle times on trenching or excavating operations by monitoring and automatically prioritizing oil flow based on demand. The smart system boosts flow to the swing motor or the arm cylinder when needed, providing greater speed and productivity on vertical wall-cut operations.

The Auto Power Boost feature available on the CX210 through CX800 instantly increases power by 10 percent in eight-second intervals when extra muscle is needed for heavy digging or craning operations. A power-boost button on the control lever of the CX130 and CX160 provides extra power when conditions warrant.

The Speed Assistance System uses a double-pump combination for boom lifting, arm open and close, and regenerates hydraulic oil for boom lowering and arm closing. These features save fuel and make for quick-responding machine functions.

Cushion control ensures a smooth stop, less spillage and greater operator comfort through the entire stroke. Controlled free swing provides superior feathering for control and precision when placing loads.

“The intelligent hydraulics make for smoother operation, faster cycles and better power,” Wolf said. “We’ve designed the CX Series to quickly and automatically respond to changing conditions, which translates to better efficiency, faster completion of jobs and improved bottom line.”

The large cab on CX Series models features a wide entry for easy access, expanded arm and legroom, and more total glass for a panoramic view of the work area. With 24 percent more front glass, the cab provides increased sight lines to the bucket or attachment. A skylight, roof hatch and sliding windows enhance viewing and ventilation.

The entire operator station slides forward for better visibility into the trench, and an unobstructed lower right-hand window provides a clear view of the track for easier positioning and trailer loading.

The CX Series cuts operator fatigue with six silicon-filled viscous mounts that float the cab to isolate it from vibrations, noise and shocks. The seven-way adjustable suspension seat provides a headrest and lumbar support. The console and control levers can be adjusted for the most comfortable operation.

A standard climate-control system maintains a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather. With a four-speed blower and adjustable vents, the system circulates clean, fresh air throughout the pressurized cab.

A large new backlit liquid-crystal display panel provides more than 11 messages and readouts on operation status, such as engine temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, fuel level, engine idle, travel speed and work mode. System warnings and service reminders also are available in English and 13 other languages.

An electronic anti-theft system will keep CX Series machines secure on job sites or rental lots. Once activated, the system requires a password when the engine is started. Without the correct password, the system sounds an alarm, fixes the swing lock, restricts the engine to idle and restricts pump torque to prevent the machine from being loaded on a trailer.

A variety of attachments and options are available for CX Series excavators to provide performance on specialty applications or in extreme conditions. Choose from variable arm lengths on each model, or a long-reach model with extended booms and arms on the CX210 and CX240.

Attachments Provide Versatility

General purpose, heavy-duty, extreme-duty and cast-lip buckets are available in a wide range of sizes. Ditching buckets come in sizes up to 72 in. (182 cm). When equipped with auxiliary hydraulics, CX Series excavators work with multiple attachments.

An optional Case/JRB hydraulic Slide-Loc coupler allows changing of attachments from the cab

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