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Case Upgrades DV Series Rollers; Now Powered by Tier III Engines

Fri February 27, 2009 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Case Construction Equipment has upgraded its DV Series tandem-drum vibratory rollers to more powerful Tier III engines that deliver from 31 to 48 hp (23 to 36 kW), up from 27 to 38 hp (20 to 27.6 kW).

The DV Series Rollers feature ease of operation, serviceability and tandem-drum compaction performance for application in asphalt or granular materials, according to the manufacturer.

The tandem-drum DV201, DV202 and DV204 models feature high centrifugal forces, dual frequency and a hydrostatic drive that provides traction and smooth performance. The Case tandem-drum vibratory rollers along with Case’s single-drum vibratory rollers — the SV208, SV210, SV212 and SV216 — give customers a powerful array of solutions in compaction applications.

The tandem-drum line ranges from operating weights of 5,510 to 7,720 lbs. (2,500 to 3,500 kg), with drum widths from 39.4 to 51.2 in. (100 to 130 cm) and engines from 27 to 38 hp (20 to 27.6 kW).

“Our DV Series rollers provide high centrifugal forces combined with dual frequencies to ensure maximum productivity on projects such as roads and bridges, driveways, jogging trails, patching and parking lots,” said David Wolf, product marketing manager of Case.

Drum frequency on Case DV rollers ranges from 3,180 to 3,720 vpm (53 to 62 Hz) with centrifugal forces from 4,580 to 8,877 lbs. (20.8 to 40.3 kg).

The operator has the choice of using manual or automatic vibration shutoff in the neutral travel position to prevent making ripples in a compacted surface.

Hydrostatic Drive

Hydrostatic drive to both drums gives Case DV rollers enhanced traction while delivering compaction performance when working on asphalt, in granular soils and on steep surfaces, Wolf said.

The hydrostatic drive supplies infinitely variable speed to both drums up to 8.5 mph (13.6 kmh) on the DV201 and DV202 models and 6.2 mph (10 kmh) on the DV204. Maximum working speed on all three models is 4.7 mph (7.5 kmh).

“This state-of-the-art hydrostatic powertrain supplies the smooth operating performance needed for the drums to deliver an even compaction surface that is free of marks,” Wolf said. “The powertrain and the electrical system technology provide overall machine reliability, durability and easy operation for maximum uptime and return on investment.”

Forward/reverse and speed on DV Series compaction rollers are controlled with one lever. And with the flip of one switch, the operator can have the drum vibration stop automatically when the hydrostatic drive is shifted into neutral, or allow vibration to continue with the machine in neutral.

The operator may choose to have both drums vibrate simultaneously, or only the front drum.

“This control comes in real handy when you’re making that final pass over asphalt and you want the rear drum to be static to give a smoothing pass,” Wolf said. “The front and rear edges of the drums are tapered to prevent marking of the asphalt.

“And with recessed drive motors, DV Series compaction rollers offer excellent curb clearance.”

Service, Maintenance

With a flip-up hood, DV Series rollers feature accessibility to external engine, components and routine maintenance service points including fuel filter, oil dipstick, oil fill, water tanks, pre-cleaner and air filter.

“This ease of accessibility lowers maintenance cost and increases overall productivity,” Wolf said.

Case DV Series rollers are powered by quiet, oil-cooled and fuel-efficient engines. Two-cylinder engines power the DV201 and DV202 models. A three-cylinder version drives the DV204.

The warranty on the Deutz engines is two years or 2,000 hours, while the warranty on the base unit is 12 months with unlimited hours.

A heavy-duty articulation joint designed for longer life lowers maintenance, resulting in reduced operating cost.

Water System Prevents

Asphalt Buildup

Front and rear polyurethane tanks that will not rust or corrode feed a pressurized watering system to efficiently sprinkle water on the compaction drums to prevent asphalt buildup. The system keeps DV Series rollers working, instead of stopping to take on more water.

A sprinkler control with adjustable intervals provides the operator with maximum control over use of water. Pressurized sprinkler nozzles can be cleaned and are replaceable. Adjustable, dual Vulcolon scrapers likewise keep asphalt and other materials from sticking to the drums.

DV201 and DV202 models have front water tank capacities of 14 gal. (53 L); rear tank capacities of 39.6 gal. (150 L).

The DV204 has a front tank capacity of 17.7 gal. (67 L); a rear tank capacity of 42.3 gal. (160 L).

Operator Station Designed for Comfort, Performance

The quiet and ergonomically designed operator station is isolation mounted to the frame to provide a smooth ride. Other key features include high visibility, easy entry, a deluxe suspension seat and a seat-presence switch that disengages the hydrostatic drive if the operator leaves the seat.

“The operator platform is uncomplicated. The controls are user friendly with the focus on comfort, reducing operator fatigue, and performance, Wolf said.

Controls and indicator lights are ergonomically designed for easy read and visibility. A vandalism-prevention cover that can be padlocked, flips down over the instrument panel. Other controls include an emergency stop button, horn and parking brake.

A fore/aft seat adjustment is available on the DV201 and DV202 models along with operator weight adjustments and armrest. The operator seat on the DV204 model slides from left to right and locks into three positions — right, center and left — providing the operator with a clear line of sight to the drum edge.

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