Cashman Equipment Expands With Atlas Copco Air Compressors

Wed October 19, 2011 - West Edition

Cashman Equipment’s Power Solutions division has a new business relationship with Atlas Copco Compressors, LLC, a manufacturer of stationary air compressors. As a dealer of Atlas Copco’s stationary compressed air products, Cashman Power will provide a wide variety of solutions for sales, parts and service in Nevada and Utah, as well as rental availability only in Nevada.

Cashman Equipment’s new product offerings will include both lubricated and oil-free industrial compressors of piston and rotary screw type from 1 to 1,000 hp and larger. Atlas Copco’s line of compressed air system attachments will be available including dryers, oil absorbers, filters and piping systems. These new products round out the company’s energy offerings, as Cashman Equipment will continue to offer a large fleet of portable rental compressors, as well as service technicians to assist customers when they require service.

Compressed air is a common source of power for a wide variety of tools and machinery in many industries and applications. Compressed air is often considered as vital a source of energy as electricity, natural gas, or water. Virtually any process requiring tools or actuators are operating via pneumatics (use of pressurized gas). Consistent, efficient supply, accumulation, and distribution of air reduces energy consumption and risk of downtime, according to Cashman.

“Atlas Copco is the recognized quality leader in compressed air products,” said Keith Lozeau, Cashman Power Solutions’ sales and rental manager. “This addition to our current products provides us with more options to reduce our customers’ operating expense while increasing their uptime and productivity.”

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