Cashman Expands Its Power Division by Acquiring CPS

Wed May 14, 2008 - West Edition

Cashman Equipment Company has expanded its power division through the purchase of CPS LLC, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) dealer.

Cashman is now the Mitsubishi UPS provider in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, western Wyoming, western Montana, and parts of California.

The IPT and Mitsubishi UPS products of CPS will combine with Cashman’s Cat UPS offerings in Nevada to deliver comprehensive backup power to customers. The Cat UPS system satisfies industry demands through the rotary-stored energy method of absorbing momentary faults and providing power until the generators engage. The cost-effective, battery-powered IPT and Mitsubishi products will meet the needs of customers requiring flexible power output and longer coverage in an outage.

The combination of Cat, IPT, and Mitsubishi equipment enables Cashman’s Power Solutions to effortlessly meet any UPS demand, from surge suppression for one workstation to reliable, clean power for a complex data center.

“This purchase means Cashman has the complete power solutions package our customers are looking for,” stated Joel Larson, director of Cashman’s Power Solutions. In addition to the UPS assets, Cashman also has gained the expertise of CPS’s previous owner, Bob Hoffman, his daughter, Amy, and son-in-law, Jaime. The company will operate out of Salt Lake City as CPS LLC Nevada.

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