Cashman Power Solutions Flips the Switch on UPS Site

Tue December 14, 2010 - West Edition

Cashman Power Solutions, a division of Cashman Equipment, has launched, a new Web site dedicated to the sale of residential and light commercial uninterruptible power supply (UPS), surge protection, and miscellaneous items such as solar battery chargers and battery tending systems. Cashman Power Solutions, a long-standing provider of large engineered power system packages, developed the Web site to offer convenient online ordering of smaller, end-user power solutions.

The development of the UPS Web site is the latest step in the company’s investment into the UPS industry. The initial steps were taken in 2008 with the purchase of CPS LLC, an UPS representative in the Western United States. This acquisition allowed Cashman to expand its product line to include the International Power Technology (IPT) and Mitsubishi brands, as well as Cat UPS products to deliver comprehensive backup power to customers. As a result, the company became the Mitsubishi UPS provider in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, western Wyoming, western Montana and parts of California.

With the launch of, Cashman Power Solutions now offers online ordering of the smaller, more consumer-oriented UPS products. The Web site features:

• UPS — Prevents blackouts, sags and surges. UPS products deliver clean and safe currents to equipment. The BT, Anzen and DS Series of products provide protection for workstations, personal computers, home entertainment equipment, alarm systems, servers, networking environments and data centers.

• Surge Suppression — Offers protection from power surges, or an increase in voltage significantly above the designated level in a flow of electricity, for costly home entertainment systems, computers, printers, monitors, servers and more.

• Miscellaneous — Used, refurbished, and overstock items available, including battery chargers, solar battery chargers, battery tending systems, portable air conditioners (A/C) and battery maintenance solutions.

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