Cat Classic Parts Provide Low Cost Replacements Without Risk

Mon February 10, 2014 - Northeast Edition

Cat Classic parts provide owners of older Cat equipment, like Bentley Development Company, with low cost replacement parts that minimize the risk associated with non-genuine parts.

“They have 100-plus Cat pieces of equipment and not all of them are brand new,” said Greg Osikowicz, a parts and service sales representative of Pennsylvania’s Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co. Inc., “So the Cat Classic parts are a very, very good option for them because it helps them run older machines at a lower cost per hour.”

The classic parts product line consists of more than 2,700 parts for more than 150 older Cat machine and engine models — and the list is constantly growing. Classic Parts is another repair option to complement quality original, Cat Remanufactured, dealer exchange and used parts. These parts help customers manage their owning and operating costs as the age, usage, condition or remaining value of their older Cat equipment creates the demand for a more economical repair option. That’s important for Bentley Development’s bottom line as it ensures maximum profitability.

The mining and heavy earthmoving firm based out of Blairsville, Pa., relies on its relationship with its Cat dealer Cleveland Brothers in order to keep its fleet up and running. It carries a large inventory of Cat parts and components — something Boyd Strittmatter, an operational manager of Bentley Development, appreciates when one of the machines goes down.

“I’m really a stinker about time. If it’s broke now, I want it up and running in two minutes. I don’t want to hear we can’t get a part,” said Strittmatter. “Classic parts are more readily available than the aftermarket part [and] you have a lot better comfort level it’s going to be correct when it gets here. Classic parts [have] been good to us when we need them.”

And all classic parts are backed by the standard Caterpillar parts warranty. That gives Strittmatter peace of mind and confidence in the Cat name and his dealer.

“All I can tell you is we haven’t had a problem with any warranty on any parts because we haven’t had a failure with any classic parts,” he said.