Cat MP318, MP324 Multi-Processors Handle Wide Range of Demolition Jobs

Thu December 05, 2013 - National Edition

Six new jaw sets have been designed to take on any demolition job.
Six new jaw sets have been designed to take on any demolition job.
Six new jaw sets have been designed to take on any demolition job. The Cat MP318 and MP324 multi-processors can have jaws installed or changed in as little as 10 minutes.

Caterpillar Work Tools is introducing a new generation of multi-processors for Cat hydraulic excavators. The Cat MP318 and MP324 multi-processors can handle virtually any demolition job simply by using the basic housing and a choice of up to six available jaw sets, according to the manufacturer.

The new multi-processor design builds on the success of its predecessor. It features an efficient weight-to-power ratio and a strong cutting and crushing capability. The strong rotator provides a continuous 360-degree rotation that allows the operator to carry out the demolition job quickly and precisely from any angle.

Each multi-processor can be equipped with a wide selection of interchangeable jaws: concrete cutter (CC), demolition (D), pulverizer (P), shear (S), universal (U), and tank shear (TS). With one common housing and properly selected sets of jaws a contractor can achieve flexibility with minimum investment and can accomplish most tasks encountered on a demolition job. The various jaws can be quickly installed or changed, due to a new jaw locking system. Instead of taking about 45 minutes to change the jaws with the previous series, it now takes only 10 minutes. Basic tools are all that is needed, according to the manufacturer.

Caterpillar has made maintenance easier, too. The new jaws use bolt-on and pin-on wear material to eliminate almost all need to weld the jaws. Keeping a jaw set in good repair has never been easier and can be done on site in a matter of hours. Protection for hydraulic components and hoses has been increased, and an improved motor guard gives greater motor protection. Also, access to the cylinder has been made easier and the cylinder rod protection has been optimized. The number of greasing points has been reduced so servicing becomes easy. Daily maintenance requires only greasing, checking wear and replacing any worn parts.

The multi-processors are fully supported by Cat dealers so that customers can order parts and service for machines and work tools from a single source.