Caterpillar Introduces AccuGrade Soil Compaction

Mon August 13, 2007 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Caterpillar’s AccuGrade Compaction for soil compactors, is a compaction solution that delivers precise GPS mapping and soil compaction measurement capabilities. This new compaction measurement and mapping system provides the operator, contractor and project owner with a number of benefits that increase production and simplify job site documentation, according to the manufacturer.

A color display shows the operator a map of the working area and includes critical compaction data, such as working speed, amplitude, frequency, compaction values and number of passes.

The compaction values are displayed as a graduated color scale that is calibrated to match the characteristics of the soil being compacted. A target compaction value is displayed as a certain color. When the value colors match the target value color, the operator can move on to the next work area, taking the guesswork out of determining when the job is completed.

Other data can be displayed as needed, such as a coverage map that shows the number of passes completed, which helps the operator verify that the work is done. The single display is easy to use and its position can be adjusted to meet operator preferences.

The contractor will benefit from increased production through efficient utilization of manpower because the operator will be able to determine when the work has been completed, working areas that need more compaction and getting off areas that meet specifications. The optimized manpower utilization results in fewer passes and reduced fuel use to get the same amount of work done. The ability of the operator to view compaction data in real time will help identify compaction problems so that they can be fixed early in the construction process, according to the manufacturer.

Project owners will benefit from the electronic data generated during the compaction process. The values can be viewed and analyzed on the job site or back at the office.

This capability provides documentation in the form of a historical record of work completed, with the compaction values and pass information correlated to positions determined by GPS. The ability to document the work completed can reduce the number of traditional compaction tests needed, reducing costs and improving safety for test and inspection personnel.

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