Caterpillar Introduces Track Feller Bunchers, Harvesters for Forestry

Sat August 26, 2006 - National Edition
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Caterpillar has introduced new zero-tail swing (ZTS) and full-tail swing (FTS) machines. The new 511, 521, 522 and 532 track feller bunchers and track harvesters feature zero tail swing, while the 541, 551 and 552 feature full tail swing.

The new machines also feature a cab and interior that enhance operator efficiency and reduce fatigue. The 522, 532 and 552 have three-cylinder leveling mechanisms offering simultaneous tilting forward and side-to-side.

The 511, 521, 522 and 532 models range in weight from 53,710 to 69,710 lbs. (24,362 to 31,620 kg) when configured as track feller bunchers and weighed without heads. The 511 has gross power of 247 hp (184.2 kW) and the three larger machines have gross power of 284 hp (211.8 kW).

The 541, 551 and 552 models range in weight from 69,800 to 82,100 lbs. (31,661 to 37,240 kg) when configured as feller bunchers and weighed without heads. Each has gross power of 305 hp (227.4 kW).

The range in weight and power as well as options in track sizes and hydraulic configurations enables customers to match machines to specific applications for high productivity and low cost.

The electronically controlled Cat C9 engine with ACERT Technology powers each of the new models. The 537-cu.-in. (8.8-L) diesel delivers high torque and responsive power while meeting U.S. EPA Tier II emissions standards and providing 5 percent greater fuel efficiency than the engine it replaces. The C9 is dependable and reliable in millions of hours of service in off-highway machines, according to the manufacturer.

The clean burning C9 allows engine oil change intervals to be extended to 500 hours for lower owning and operating costs. The hydraulically actuated clamshell engine compartment door provides easy access to the oil dipstick, filters, hydraulic fill pump and hoses.

The side-by-side radiator/oil cooler provides superior cooling capacity for high production operation. The optional on-demand fan activates only when required, which reduces power demand and fuel consumption. The fan also can help purge debris from the radiator area.

Powerful Hydraulics, Boom, Stick

All Cat 500-Series ZTS and 500-Series track feller bunchers and harvesters feature dedicated variable displacement hydraulic pumps for the boom and implement functions, for felling head attachments, and for the travel circuit. Optional hydraulics for dangle harvesting heads and intermittent saw heads are available for all ZTS and 500-Series models.

To make hydraulic oil replenishment faster, an electric pump moves added oil through the filtering system and into the tank. The system also helps ensure oil cleanliness.

Powerful hydraulics combine with lift capacity for high productivity. For ZTS models in feller buncher configuration, bare pin lift is 15,600 lbs. (7,100 kg) at 20 ft. (6.1 m). In harvester configuration, bare pin lift is 9,100 lbs. (4,100 kg) at 29.5 ft. (9 m). Maximum reach with a felling head is 26.5 ft. (8.1 m), and maximum reach with a harvesting head is 32 ft. (9.8 m).

For full tail swing models in feller buncher configuration, bare pin lift is 21,800 lbs. (9,400 kg) at 21.5 ft. (6.6 m). In harvester configuration, bare pin lift is 9,500 lbs. (4,300 kg) at 35 ft. (10.7 m). Maximum reach with a felling head is 28.1 ft. (8.6 m), and maximum reach with a harvesting head is 37 ft. (11.3 m). A long felling linkage is available to further extend versatility.

Productivity Enhancing Operator Station

The purpose-built forestry cab optimizes viewing area. A polycarbonate skylight provides increased upward visibility. The isolation mounted cab and engine reduce sound levels and vibration for comfortable operation.

The IQAN display enables the operator to continuously monitor the operating systems of the machine — to provide early warning of any potential problems. Controls, displays and seating are ergonomically designed to promote high efficiency throughout the work day.

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