CDOT Announces 11 Members of 2017 Transportation Commission

Wed July 19, 2017 - West Edition #15

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) announced the 2017 Colorado Transportation Commission.

The Transportation Commission is comprised of 11 Colorado citizens who represent specific districts across the state. Each commissioner is appointed by Gov. John Hickenlooper, confirmed by the senate and serves a four-year term.

Newly appointed by Hickenlooper this year are two commissioners: Luella Chavez D'Angelo of Lone Tree, serving District 3; and Karen Stuart of Broomfield, serving District 4.

Re-appointed by the governor to serve an additional four-year term are three commissioners: Shannon Gifford, Denver, District 1; Sidny Zink, Durango, District 8; and Bill Thiebaut, Pueblo, District 10.

Continuing and completing terms are the remaining six commissioners: Ed Peterson, Lakewood, District 2; Kathy Gilliland, Livermore, District 5; Kathy Connell, Steamboat Springs, District 6; Kathy Hall, Grand Junction, District 7; Rocky Scott, Colorado Springs, District 9; and Steven Hofmeister, Haxtun, District 11.

The members of the commission also have elected Zink as chair and Gifford as vice chair. Both will serve in the commission's leadership positions for one fiscal year, which started in July.

Shailen Bhatt, CDOT executive director, said the state's transportation agency values the guidance of the transportation commission.

“We have a high regard for the commission and the advisement its members contribute toward our long-range planning and strategy,” said Bhatt. “The commissioners offer unique perspectives resulting from their individual backgrounds, areas of interest and expertise. More importantly, they are the voice of the general public and the regional areas they serve.”

The transportation commission formulates general policy for CDOT. Commission members meet regularly to offer guidance and oversight to the management, construction and maintenance of public highways and other transportation systems in the state. The commission also works to ensure that the preservation and enhancement of Colorado's environment, safety, mobility and economics is considered in the planning of all transportation projects.