Central Atlanta Tractor Adds SANY Line, Makes First Sale

Tue July 22, 2014 - Southeast Edition
Brenda Ruggiero

The operator of Tag Grinding’s new SANY SY215C excavator loads mulch at the Marietta, Ga., grinding operation.
The operator of Tag Grinding’s new SANY SY215C excavator loads mulch at the Marietta, Ga., grinding operation.
The operator of Tag Grinding’s new SANY SY215C excavator loads mulch at the Marietta, Ga., grinding operation. Tag Grinding’s machine operator Danny Rainwater said the machine is extremely quiet. Chuck Spooner (L) of Central Atlanta Tractor Sales meets with his customer Jerry Brooks of Tag Grinding Services to discuss the performance of the SANY machine at the grinding operation in Marietta. The Klean Aire air pre-cleaner helps to keep the main air filter and filter canister free of major debris and is easy to clean.

Central Atlanta Tractor Sales, based in Austell, Ga., recently became the SANY excavator dealer of central and north Georgia, and the first SANY excavator was sold to Tag Grinding Services Inc. in Palmetto, Ga.

Jerry Brooks of Tag Grinding Services had looked at a SANY excavator at work on a job site in Atlanta. When Central Atlanta Tractor Sales received its initial machine inventory, Brooks visited Chuck Spooner in need of a new excavator for his wood recycling operation in Marietta, Ga. He demoed and purchased the SANY SY215C excavator.

Brooks noted that the SANY is comparable in size to the Komatsu 200 and Caterpillar 320 that he had been using, and he has been pleased with the results he’s had from the SANY.

“So far, so good,” Brooks said. “It’s been an easy machine. It’s only a couple of months old, but it’s been no trouble. It’s been a good machine, and steady. It’s stable and doesn’t rock.”

Brooks explained that he had a working relationship with Spooner for the last 14 or 15 years, purchasing both new and used Komatsu and Caterpillar excavators from him. Because of this, he was comfortable in dealing with him for the SANY machine.

“I have complete confidence in Central Atlanta Tractor, and I know that if there are any issues with the machine, they will take care of me,” Brooks said. “Having a local dealer and dealer representative close to my operation in Marietta is also helpful.”

The only additions made to the machine was a Solesbee thumb attachment and catwalks, which Brooks adds to every machine. He found the pricing to be somewhat less expensive than other models, but feels he gets the same, if not better, performance.

“It’s a good machine,” he said. “If people have any doubts, I recommend that they rent one from Chuck for a month and see how it does. For me, I got on it and ran it a little bit on the yard, and I could tell it was a good machine.”

Brooks also was pleased with the Klean Aire air pre-cleaner that is standard on SANY excavators. He noted that it significantly reduces the amount of grinding debris that reaches the main air filter, resulting in less need for removing and cleaning it. Other conveniences to Brooks that are standard on SANY excavators are the pattern changer and the fact that the machines are plumbed for two-way auxiliary hydraulics.

Spooner noted that all SANY excavators come standard with a three-year/3,000 hour full machine warranty, and the SY215 and SY235 models are still able to use Tier III Cummins engines, which are very fuel efficient.

At Tag Grinding Services, Danny Rainwater runs the SANY most often, and noted that it’s smooth, quick, comfortable and has good visibility. He also mentioned that it’s quiet.

“Every once in awhile, I have to open the door to hear if the tub grinder is running or idle,” Rainwater said.

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