Shuttlelift 5540F


Height 46.30 ft (14 m)
Max Elevating Angle69 °
Max Height @ Max Raise Angle - no jib41.10 ft (13 m)
Max Lift Capacity30,000 lbs (13,608 kg)
Max Working Radius37.50 ft (11 m)
Min Height @ Max Raise Angle18.50 ft (6 m)
Min Working Radius6 ft (2 m)
Number of Sections3
Swing Speed2.10 rpm


Gross Power84.50 hp (63 kw)
Power Measured @2,600 rpm


Carrier Length14.10 ft (4 m)
Ground Clearance1.10 ft (0 m)
Transport Height8 ft (2 m)
Transport Length22.10 ft (7 m)
Transport Width8 ft (2 m)
Upper Structure Tail Swing Radius6.10 ft (2 m)
Width w/ Outriggers Extended12.30 ft (4 m)

Operating Specifications

1212 V
6363 A
Carrier Fuel Capacity40 gal (151 l)
Number of Axels2
Operating Weight26,500 lbs (12,020 kg)
Tire Size385
Upper Structure Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity30 gal (114 l)


Max Speed - Forward14.50 mph (23 kph)
Max Speed - Reverse14.50 mph (23 kph)
Number of Forward Gears4
Number of Reverse Gears4
Transmission Typesynchromesh

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